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Underwater Drones: The Future of Sea Exploration and Mermaid Selfies

November 8, 2016

Amphibious and waterproof cameras are a thing of the past. With the continuous development on underwater drones, scientists may finally uncloak the multi-faceted mysteries of the sea while mere mortals aiming for fun and ultimate social media enjoyment will finally master the perfection of “mermaid selfies”, no pun intended.

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For centuries, ocean exploration has been considered one of science’s most challenging aspects. While interstellar galaxies are being discovered left and right, the ocean continue to be hidden in a deep cloak of mystery that only features how far a diver—motorized or human—can go. While there are underwater vehicles in the last decade or so which are deemed successful in getting into great depths, these are often considered to be of gargantuan cost notwithstanding the peril they bring to the one manning the device.

The Rise of Underwater Drones

In the past months, however, aggressive tech development and deployment have delivered a safer, more innovative design—drones. While drone-flying has become mainstream, such a technology is cutting lose the usual challenges of undersea exploration. This year somehow signals the rise of Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUV) or Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROV), or quite simply—underwater drone.

Underwater drones have become the latest sensation in the oceanographic and bathymetric circles. These drones are slowly eliminating the usual costs and risks of ocean exploration. Like its aerial twin, an underwater drone can be used to autonomously or remotely explore the depths of the ocean floor complete with first-person-view or FPV from computers, smartphones and handy gadgets.

In-Depth Ocean Exploration

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With only 5 percent of the Earth’s surface being explored, this new phenomenon is groundbreaking. Aside from a handful of oceanographers, scientists, and activists, few people know the crucial role that the ocean plays in every life form on Earth. From the air we consume to weather and climate patterns, food and energy source, and so much more, an unfathomable depth awaits science to tap. The discovery of ocean drones could very well lead to new sources of medicines, food sources, energy resources, and life-changing resources for mankind.

Ocean exploration has encountered countless difficulties in the past due to certain limitations in both human and technology. While land and air exploration have been continually opening breakthroughs, water exploration has become so limited to shallow ends leading to minimal discoveries as compared to the other elements. But ocean exploration, when tapped at length, is touted to open a floodgate of life-changing phenomenon in the realm of chemical, physical, biological, geological, archaeological, and metaphysical aspects of life.

Underwater drone will help open up baseline information to finally grasp an in-depth understanding on the fundamentals of the Earth as a dynamic planet. These UUVs or ROVs will finally dive into the depths where no man and other underwater tech had ever been to deliver instant information essential not just in the preservation and management of the largest part of the Earth’s surface but also in “connecting the dots” hounding the scientific community for centuries.

The Rise of Mermaid Selfies

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On hindsight, the continued development of underwater drones may also open a floodgate of a new breed of social sharing—mermaid selfies. People have been clamoring for waterproof cameras and other underwater stuffs to give more meaning to their love for all things underwater. Diving enthusiasts have to contend with not-so-perfect pixels and blurred images. Today, this is about to change.

With more and more manufacturers developing underwater drones, the rise of affordable ones will definitely be on the offing. This will considerably open two new phenomena: connectivity of man to ocean science and a new trend in social sharing. The general populace will finally see the intricacies of these bodies of water and, perhaps, know more about its preservation. On the other hand, such technology will also open a new breed of social animal whose love for “mermaid selfies” will finally be justified.

Truly, the rise of underwater drones will be of great help to science, mere mortals, and the whole of mankind. It will deliver a new ray of hope of tapping beyond the usual 5 percent of the mysteries of the vast ocean floor. Definitely, we are on the verge of discovering the very depths of our existence without theoretically “diving blind”.


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