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December 7, 2016

Worried about drone flyaway's? One of worst things that could happen to a drone-flyer is losing control. That’s akin to throwing a thousand-dollar investment down the drain. Both pro and novice pilots are prone to the disaster of having their little flying sensation go out of control, crash-land or drift out of sight. One only has to make that one wrong turn, one small error in maneuvering a drone to feel that guttural pain. Luckily, there are ways on how to track a lost drone. Here are some important points to remember how.

1. If this is your first time and you don’t want the heartache of losing a drone from flyaway's or from irreparable damage, why not just buy an inexpensive drone. This is even more important when you are a novice flyer with only one intention: to gain experience and to broaden your flying skills. Practice with the use of beginner drones and leave the thousand-dollar sensational ones for your advanced usage later on.

2. Prevention is always better than cure. While it is noble to be ready on how to track a lost drone, it is imperative to buffer your drone with the right protection prior to flying far and wide. For one, use the lock-home-location feature or integrated GPS locator on your drone before you bring it out for take-off. Do make sure to let the drone stay on the ground for at least 10 minutes prior to take-off. This allows the technology imbedded in the drone to lock onto its GPS coordinates. Letting it fly immediately without locking the GPS coordinates of your designated “home” will feature the last location the drone heads to as its registered home location.

3. Keep your drone’s software updated. Such software allows not just  keeping track of the drone’s location but also the flying range and other specifics crucial during flight. Glitches are known to cause flyaway's, lost connections and “sudden death” to drones causing subsequent huge damage or losses.

4.  Be aware of any interference to your drone’s signals. Buildings and structures, electrical transformers, concrete walls,  trees and shrubberies are just some of the notable signal jammers to drones. When flying a drone, always make sure that you take full control bymaintaining an unobstructed view from drone to transmitter—and vice-versa.

5. Of course, no matter how careful you are flyaway's can still happen—and often, on a disastrous level. This is where GPS-based trackers like TRACKIMO come in. This easy-to-use UNIVERSAL tracker can provide accurate details on the position of lost drones in terms of longitude and latitude.


Be proactive by investing in a drone tracker now.

 You can check this outlet for any discounts or bundles to fully complete your arsenal on how to track a lost drone or to keep safe the drone(s) you have on hand. Drone recording is one of the most awesome ways to keep track of your fun activities. You would not want to waste it, would you?

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