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Drone flying is basically taking a huge leap these days as more and more media agencies picked up on various racing circuits across the globe. But part of the charm of this new hobby is that it caters to mostly anyone. From a weekend hobbyist who only wants to capture life’s fleeting moments to avid drone-racing geeks who do it for prestige and money, truly flying these drones have become a phenomenon. This is precisely why DJI continually tops the market in drone innovation. With its newest addition to the drone pool, DJI Mavic Pro, whoever says powerful drone has to be big, bold and expensive have just been told otherwise.

DJI Mavic Pro At A Glance

This November 2016, the
DJI Mavic Pro will finally soar the skies. Think: small, smart and budget-friendly—and that’s what you get from this latest addition to the drone company’s artillery of astounding quadcopters. The DJI Mavic Pro, by the way, is available for pre-order on Amazon. Just so you know where to find one.

DESIGN. The new DJI Mavic Pro, when folded, can fit in your bare hand like a regular water bottle does. Measuring 83 by 198 by 83 millimeters with a 743g ultra-light and aerodynamic airframe, the design is sleek and innovative. It’s so handy you can easily fold it and throw into your backpack for that outdoor adventure.

FLIGHT POWER. Amid its size, the drone comes equipped with the latest features of DJIs more powerful, larger drone. It comes with the latest OcuSynch transmission range offering at most 7kilometer of flying experience at 40mph in approximately 27 minutes. Sensors in front and bottom, tracking capabilities, self-piloting, geofencing, vision positioning with GPS and GLONASS, Wi-Fi or smartphone flight, and built-in flight safety/reliability called Obstacle Avoidance, this is one drone designed to fly as steady as an eagle soaring high.

CONTROLLER.  The Mavic Pro boasts of fine-tuned control system that’s brings the essence of simplicity and ease of use to a whole new light. To start flying, simply pull-up the two front arms and the other two from behind. Double press on the power button and off you go! A newbie in drone flying will love its stable hover to bits! With the latest DJI app, you can also use your iPhone and other Android device to control it.

CAMERA. If there’s one thing to gush over the MAvic Pro, it’s the built-in camera—the first in the drones this size! It can record 4K video at 30Fps which one can edit and then, livestream to social media, YouTube or Periscope. It can also snap 12MP image stills in Adobe DNG raw format as well as 2-second exposures. The gimbal is also unique in itself as it can turn the camera to a 90-deg angle for awesome portraits (or selfies, if you may) and in capturing astounding high-rise structures.

BATTERY. The Mavic Pro, amid its small size, can fly up to 27 minutes—single charge. For more flying time when out and about, simply buy a spare battery pack which is also available for preorder in Amazon.

APPs. The Mavic Pro still comes equipped with the latest DJI Go App. This allows you to see everything that the drone “sees” on your screen including the drone’s battery life.

SPARES. Amazon pre-order for battery pack is already available. Rotors and other parts will definitely follow once the product comes out in the market on November 2016.

VIRTUAL REALITY. Another added excitement with the DJI Mavic Pro is the introduction of DJI Goggles which allow pilots to see an 85-degree view of the drone while on flight. That’s like flying along with your drone. Absolute enjoyment!

Safer, Smarter Flying

Indeed, the
DJI Mavic Pro is one drone to watch out for. Smart, handy, and affordable, it has all you need to fully appreciate flying quads to snap astounding photos and videos for work or play.

New Drone Sensation DJI Mavic Pro - Finally Available for Pre Order

October 26, 2016


Source: nofilmschool.com

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