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1. DBPower UDI U8118A Headless Quadcopter


Think about hands-free picture and video taking of memories well spent with family and friends.

Well, it is no wonder that the number of new designs and drone models have ubiquitously and affordably besieged retail places like Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba, and so on. With some of your loved ones (or even you!) taking into the skies for the first time, finding the right drone may be foremost on your mind. To give you an advantage, here is a comparative review on the top 3 camera drones under $150.

Top 3 Camera Drones Under $150 At A Glance

1. DBPower UDI U818A Headless Quadcopter

Drone Model Video/Camera Battery Life Distance Covered Special Features

DBPower UDI U818A Headless Quadcopter 720p HD at 30fps 6-9 minutes approx. 80 meter • 6-axis gyro
• gravity induction
• VR-ready
• Wi-Fi enabled
• App-ready
• return home function
• 360-deg stunts

DBPower UDI U818A Headless Quadcopter is a Wi-Fi ready FPV quadcopter with built-in high-definition camera. One of the least pricey camera drones in the market, the UDI U818A boasts of high definition camera that captures vivid aerial live action and still photos at 720p HD in 30fps. This is somehow complimented with its unique headless mode and 6-axis gyro stability. Headless mode allows you to take full control of the drone via the controller or transmitter making it one of the best beginner drones in the market. The 6-axis gyro, on the other hand, allows ease of handling and 360-degree flips without any hassle. It also comes with two 3.7V 700mAh LiPo batteries which only takes an hour to charge. Flying time is at 6 to 9 minutes with remote operation range within 80 meters, and video transmission range within 30 meter.

Check actual customer reviews as one of the top camera drones under $150 for beginners, the
DBPower UDI U818A Headless Quadcopter also features: gravity induction to easily use Wi-Fi using smartphone, first-person view via compatible VR headset or via smartphone, return home function, and 360-degree stunts.

Yet, another one from DBPower..

2. DBPower MJX X400W Headless Quadcopter

DBPower MJX X400W Headless Quadcopter medium res at 30fps 8-9 minutes approx. 100m • 3D split-screen display
• FPV real time transmission
• iOS or Android smartphone compatibility
• downloadable app
• one-key 3D roll

DBPower MJX X400W Headless Quadcopter is another sensational camera drone with unique FPV real-time transmission. Still retaining the 6-axis gyro for stability and headless mode for ease of control and maneuvering, this drone is customized to suit beginners exciting foray to drone-flying. Lightweight at 112g, it makes use of a 3.7V 750mAh Li-Po battery with charging time of 120 minutes via USB to fly at approximately 9 minutes in about 100m. Other features include: headless mode, 3D split-screen display with compatible VR headset and downloadable app; FPV real time transmission via iOS or Android smartphone downloadable app, and one-key 3D roll.

Reviews further reveal that the
DBPower MJX X400W Headless Quadcopter is made more beautiful to fly at night due to its LED lights. Considered a recreational drone, camera and video quality is of medium resolution at about 30fps. But with the added FPV real-time transmission and VR capabilities at 2.4GHz connectivity, it’s as solid as all other beginner drones in the market.
If you want an HD camera, this one could be it.

3. HolyStone 110W Camera Drone

HolyStone 110W Camera Drone 2MP 1280x720p video-camera 6-9 minutes 100 – 120 meters • FPV real-time transmission
• VR-capability altitude hold function
• App control multifunctionality
• gravity sensor, single-button takeoff/landing
• 4-speed modes
• LED lighting
• headless mode

HolyStone 110W Camera Drone is a beginner’s holy grail of aerial photography and flying. Built with a 2MP 1280x720p video-camera, it allows you to take aerial shots and footages in vivid clarity. Think of FPV flying accessible from your iOS or Android gadget for approximately 7 to 9 minutes in as distant as 100 to 120 meters fully complimented with 6-axis gyro for stability and what do you get? Astounding flying and recording experience! Other important features include FPV real-time transmission with VR-capability, altitude hold function that allows stable hovering, App control multifunctionality via gravity sensor, single-button takeoff/landing, 4-speed modes to suit your flying level, LED lighting for nighttime enjoyment, headless mode, and so on.

Customers have reviewed the HolyStone 110W Camera Drone as one of the best camera drones under $150. With more than 12 tech-savvy features imbedded in its small lightweight frame, one can guarantee total enjoyment in drone-flying.

All 3 camera drones under $150 are excellent choices as a gift for the holidays.

For topnotch video-camera function, the HolyStone 110W Camera Drone comes on top of the shelf. Both drones from DBPower – the MJX X400W and UDI U818A—are not to be taken lightly as they still sport good built-in video-cameras, stability, and functionality as well as ease of maneuverability and control. These two makes great gifts for kids and beginners, too. Now, take your pick and head-off to discount-friendly Amazon for that holiday treat any loved one would love to squeal in delight with.

Top 3 Camera Drones Under $150

November 3, 2016


Source: allbestdrones.com

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2. DBPower MJX X400W Headless Quadcopter

3. HolyStone 110W Camera Drone


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