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With a 5200 mAh capacity, the Smart Battery for Solo Quadcopter from 3D Robotics allows the aircraft to fly for up to 25 minutes unladed and up to 20 minutes with Solo Gimbal and camera attached. LED indicators allows you to see remaining battery life or check the charge status.


Without an iota of doubt, smart drones like the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter continually made aerial photography and videography more accessible and convenient than ever before. What used to be a complex effort of flying it and controlling the camera to take the best shot, smart drones are designed to suit the growing need for stability and foresight of ardent photographers and videographers in their bid for astounding results.

Such is the essence of the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter. Designed to capture pixel-perfect pictures, cinematic videography, and other commercial applications, this smart drone comes with astounding features and specs that will sweep you off your feet.

3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter Features

Taking a spin on the new beginner’s smart drone of choice, the following observations have been noted of its unique features.

DESIGN. Durability and stability are two of the defining elements of the Solo. Built with strong arms and rigid legs as well as glass-reinforced nylon for props, this beginner smart drone is one that does not easily shakes upon impact of a crash or accidental drops. Though lightweight, it can roll like a wrecking ball with its tough shell and protective elements.

Maximum distance of the Solo is slated at a half mile or approximately 2640 feet powered by twin 1 GHz computers, 35 sensors and 20 microprocessors. Unless you’re into some sort of a spy game, that should fairly cover your needs. Piloting is also straightforward and designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. With its live video feed, monitoring its exact position comes easy. Fret-not also, as it flies back to its home position when contact or perimeter control is lost.

CONTROLLER. Simplicity is the defining element of the Solo’s controller. Stripped to its simplest form, there are only 2 joysticks to control pitch, roll, acceleration, and yaw. A fly button is also evident for auto landing and takeoff. A “return to home” button when one lost contact. It also features a small viewing screen for the telemetry data and battery monitor. Two customizable buttons can be activated for autonomous flight modes like Cable Cam, Orbit, Selfie, and Follow. It can also pause and hover steadily with a single push of a button. A user-friendly app also holds other controls and settings by simply connecting to a smartphone or a tablet with internet connection.

CAMERA/ACCESSORIES. You would need to bring your own GoPro camera for this smart drone. However, it showcases a fixed mount compatible with any GoPro case or HERO3 and HERO4, an attachment to dampen vibration, and a 3-axis gimbal for utmost stability. It features live HD video feed to iOS and Android mobile devices and automates camera for Smart Shots. Aside from the quick guide and handy screwdriver for installation, it also includes a sunshade to reduce glare and lens fare. The Solo can also work with a Sony R10C via its 2-axis gimbal in an exceptionally low-light low-noise performance to deliver DSLR quality images.

BATTERY POWER. The SOLO comes with a rechargeable 5300 mAh 14.8Vdc Li-On battery. It can fly approximately 25 minutes which is modest enough for a newbie. Recharging takes 1hr and 35 minutes. For more rigorous flying, bring spare batteries with you.

SPARES. Spares like props and batteries are available easily on Amazon and various retail sites. A protective backpack can also help contain all the parts for easy storage and towing.

In a Nutshell

Indeed, the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter is built to impress. Lightweight and simple with tough shell and parts complimented with intuitive controls, autonomous flight modes, upgradeable software, out-of-this-world cameras, reliable flight, and 50 to 55mph top speed, it is definitely what dream drones are made of for beginners in UAV flying. Reviews also hailed the Solo as a must-have for avid enthusiasts.

Unraveling the Magnificence of the 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

September 26, 2016


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3DR Backpack for Solo

Take your Solo with you wherever, even into the remotest wilds, with the Backpack for Solo Quadcopter from 3DR. This case has room for the controller (transmitter), up to five flight batteries, two replacement motors, two sets of props, a tablet or even small laptop, and more. The backpack features custom foam interior to protect your gear, with a water-resistant exterior. The straps are padded for additional comfort.

3DR Solo Quadcopter Bundle with Gimbal, Backpack, Battery, and 8 Propellers

Get it all with this bundle, which includes a Solo with the Solo Gimbal preinstalled, along with a Solo battery and 8 propellers, all shipped in the 3DR backpack. It’s the smartest, easiest and most affordable way to get everything you need in one package.

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